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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Eat this beef has been searching for the best burgers in Dallas, TX for six years and our life long quest continues to this day. We check out new places almost every week so drop in again as the top ten is ever-evolving. ETB is burger centric in that we're not concerned with price, atmosphere, service, etc. It's all about the burger. We will however comment on the aforementioned if the restaurant delivers above and beyond. We prefer a "best of the best" short list as opposed to a lengthy list of options coupled with a complicated ranking system. Less is more.

Established in 2010, eat this beef has cataloged 209 burgers in the DFW area to date.


Grayson Social - Kobe Burger

1555 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Grayson Social's Kobe Burger

Tucked inside of a hotel, Grayson Social is a craft cocktail with Southern fare. Their burger (albeit expensive) is super tasty. Fresh baked bun, pickled red onion, and pimento cheese that works surprisingly well will keep us coming back.

Masticated in: Sep 2017

Slater's 50/50 - The Original 50/50

2817 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Slater's 50/50's The Original 50/50

In a world where "burgers are designed," Slater's 50/50 touts themselves a pork-focused burger shop as they crank out 50% beef and 50% bacon patties. We tried their original (which the server claimed put them on the map) but we feel it's a map of shame, terrible and embarrassing shame. The patty had this pale sponge like texture and it was damn near revolting. If you ever decide to step into this joint, be sure to avoid the 50/50 blend. Like, ew.

Masticated in: Jul 2017

Top Knot - TK Double Patty Burger

2817 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Top Knot's TK Double Patty Burger

This burger is super cheap ($5) and ONLY available during happy hour from a fine dining restaurant above the famous Uchi sushi joint. However it's tiny with just bacon cheese and pickles aboard, but for the price we can make an exception.

Masticated in: Jun 2017

Kickshaws Fast Gastro Food & Drink - House Burger

6713 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

Kickshaws Fast Gastro Food & Drink's House Burger

Overcooked patty and stock ingredients do not impress inside this fast casual eatery. We don't know what else to say besides skip it.

Masticated in: Jun 2017

Next Door Dallas - Next Door Dallas

2908 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Next Door Dallas's Next Door Dallas

We'll be back for the novelty factor alone. The top bun is injected with a hot creamy mix of gruyere that spills out into a river of delicious ooze as you cut (or bite) into the burger. It's tasty, but make sure to grab a few extra napkins.

Masticated in: Jun 2017

Holy Grail Pub - Holy Grail Burger

8240 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75024Street View

Holy Grail Pub's Holy Grail Burger

It's a pub burger with 1,000s of different cheeses to choose from which won't hurt your face hole.

Masticated in: May 2017

Stellar - Stellar Cheeseburger

2810 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Stellar's Stellar Cheeseburger

Great looking staff, bad looking burger. Stellar's effort is akin to your typical Uptown bar food leaving nothing memorable. Keep moving.

Masticated in: May 2017

Junction Craft Kitchen - Texas Akaushi Smash Burger

2901 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Junction Craft Kitchen's Texas Akaushi Smash Burger

Formally Kitchen LTO, Junction Craft Kitchen makes a tasty burger. We loved the garlic mayo and fresh baked brioche bun. Crispy Akaushi patties with some nice veg entices us to return.

Masticated in: May 2017

CBD Provisions - Double Cheeseburger

1530 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

CBD Provisions's Double Cheeseburger

Much disappoint. CBD fell off hard with their burger. This is a waxy leaning tower of american cheese mess between a bun that doesn't withstand the moisture. Every ingredient gets undercut by the cheese flavor. CBD: you are not Chris Madrid's.

Masticated in: May 2017

Cheesesteak House - Cheeseburger

2015 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Cheesesteak House's Cheeseburger

We got this burger on a whim, as you can see it's bland and boring, however this place has one of the best cheesesteaks we've ever had the pleasure of putting in our face holes. Granted, we don't live in Philly but damn, this must be the next best thing.

Masticated in: May 2017

Small Brewpub - American Burger

333 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Small Brewpub's American Burger

Dat in-house bun doe. Patties cooked to perfection, fresh veg, melty american cheese, and in-house aioli make this one a winner. A true classic that hits all the nostalgic fast food taste buds. Also the beef belly on rolls were amazing as well.

Masticated in: May 2017

Standard Service - The Remedy Burger

760 W Ralph Hall Pkwy, Rockwall, TX 75032Street View

Standard Service's The Remedy Burger

The Remedy burger lives on after Remedy sadly shuttered on Greenville. It's still just as amazing, almost identical we think. The patty was a biiiiiit overcooked but it was still quality af. We'd love to put this one in the top ten but dag, it's all the fucking way in Rockwall! etb moved to Dallas only as we can barely keep up with this burger environment which is constantly in flux. Side note: the sweet potato fries are a new addition! They are thin, crispy, waffle cut, and delicious.

Masticated in: May 2017

Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard - The Club Schmitz Burger

2645 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard's The Club Schmitz Burger

Man this one had potential. Love the fact that they recommissioned Club Schmit'z grill so all that flavor didn't go to waste in a dumpster somewhere. The bun had trouble supporting the beef blend (it looks like a chef hat!) but overall this was a tasty burger. Average LTO but hey that's better than no LTO. 10/10 would return.

Masticated in: Apr 2017

Wheelhouse - The Standard Burger

1617 Hi Line Dr, Dallas, TX 75207Street View

Wheelhouse's The Standard Burger

Sadly, the Standard Burger was well below what we at ETB would even consider acceptable let alone standard setting in any way. How ya even gonna call it a standard burger when your LTO is just a limp pile of yesterday's shredded L? Maybe they thought they were in the clear because they did put some fat-cut bread and butter pickles on top. Nope! The obtrusively sweet flavor of those misplaced pickles took front and center over whatever that "special sauce" was supposed to be.

Masticated in: Apr 2017

Olive Burger - House Cheese Burger

451 W Arapaho Rd, Dallas, TX 75080Street View

Olive Burger's House Cheese Burger

A fine effort. I'd love to know how Olive Burger gets their buns perfectly toasty. Love the size of the patty and the heat from the jalapenos, but the mushroom and onions got lost in the mix. Also, the fries were extra crispy and delicious!

Masticated in: Apr 2017

Filament - Filament Burger

2626 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Filament's Filament Burger

Filament: just when we thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this ... and TOTALLY redeem yourself! When we first came to Filament the burger was f'n delicious, but not mind bending enough to land itself a spot on the top ten, until now. Their play on the big mac burger is legendary: suuuuper crispy patties, damn near identical special sauce, and they added veggies (thank the burger Gods). Do yourself a favor and hit Filament for this lascivious creation.

Masticated in: Mar 2017

Chelsea Corner - Chelsea Backyard Burger

4830 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

Chelsea Corner's Chelsea Backyard Burger

A quick glance at the veg tells the tale here, but what can you expect from Uptown's notoriously bad burgers -- as the restaurants that come and go here favor booze over food. Anyway, patty was well done and the bun was chalky, but you know we ate all of it anyway. Bc burgers.

Masticated in: Mar 2017

La Duni - Ribeye Burger

8687 N. Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

La Duni's Ribeye Burger

La Duni obvs bakes their bun in house which already sets it apart. The patty is brittle, bright red, and delicious. Also the yucca fries are unstoppable. God damn, why haven't we had their burger before!?

Masticated in: Mar 2017

Bowl & Barrel - Bacon Burger

8084 Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75231Street View

Bowl & Barrel's Bacon Burger

We were not expecting this gem at a bowling alley. The egg bun, bacon, greens, and ketchup pair together in harmony unlike any ketchup based burger we've had. It's temping but we're going to keep this one @ honorable mention for now. Also, you can throw a ball down a lane if you're into that sorta thing.

Masticated in: Mar 2017

E.J. Wills Gastropub - The Garbage Burger

18208 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252Street View

E.J. Wills Gastropub's The Garbage Burger

Holy mother of Burger. Look at this thing. Topped with sliced turkey, red leaf lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, jalapeno bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and a fried onion. The patty was perfectly cooked to order and overall this sandwich was delicious, however expect it to fall apart after a few bites because there's simply too much going on here.

Masticated in: Feb 2017