The Capital Grille – The Grille’s Signature Cheeseburger

This burger is tasty, but is it worth $18? We think there are comparable options in the area that are 1/3 of the price. I know, we usually don’t care about price but cot damn, for $18 the beef should be melting in your mouth and massaging our taste buds with a happy ending. The veg is top notch though, that we like.

Masticated in: December 2018

Off-Site Kitchen – Murph-Style

When we heard OSK killed their original location in favor of Trinity Groves, we had to check it out, and holy hell it’s just the same as it ever was. Their diner-like burgers have an excellent char and flavor you can’t miss. Off-Site Kitchen is part of the Neighborhood Services family so what’s not to love? Get you some ASAP.

Masticated in: December 2018

The Royale Magnificent Burgers – The American Treasure

She’s a looker, but she comes with a price: you must unhinge your jaw to fit this behemoth into your mouth, and once you do it’ll soon crumble into a complete (albeit tasty) mess. The quality of their burgers has gone downhill since we last visited in 2016. I guess they lost their polished flair.

Masticated in: December 2018

Wimpy’s Hamburgers – Double Cheese Burger

A delicious, inexpensive, crispy, salty burger that’ll fill you with nostalgia and get you through the day. The tomatoes couldn’t be less red but what do you expect for a $4.00 double cheeseburger? NOTE: this is a cash only joint!

Masticated in: December 2018

Sky Rocket Burger – Double Cheese Burger

Sky Rocket’s menu only offers burgers and fries, which they do quite well. A mix of chuck and brisket is ground in house before the patties are griddled on a flat-top, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sandwiched inside a fluffy buttered sesame seed bun. The special sauce is exactly what it should be: mayo based with a splash of mustard and ketchup.

Masticated in: December 2018

Saltgrass Steak House – Brisket Burger

I mean it’s Saltgrass, what do you expect? We expected the “brisket burger” to have brisket blended into the patty instead of plopped on top. The excessive sugar in the onions blew out any beef flavor anyway.

Masticated in: November 2018

Tupelo Honey Cafe – Farm Fresh Burger

This national Carolona-inspired chain is pretty fancy, but burgers aren’t their forte. No ketchup/mayo/mustard served with the burger? But why so dry? Make sure to specify the temperature during your order because Tupelo cooks on the rare side of things.

Masticated in: October 2018

Katy Trail Ice House – Our 1/2lb Cheeseburger

Does wrapping a burger in paper make it taste better? It does in this case. You won’t go wrong with any of KTIH’s burgers, they go down easy with a schooner of beer.

Masticated in: October 2018

Merchant House – Straight-Up Burger

Very fancy standard burger with a brittle cooked to order patty. The house made pickles are delicious and some of the best pickles we’ve had on a burger.

Masticated in: September 2018

Bulla Gastrobar – ‘Bulla’ Burger

Heavy smoke flavor gives this one a good bite. Piquillo peppers and tetila cheese are two unqie ingredients that aids its flavor.

Masticated in: September 2018

Steam Theory Brewing Company – Half Pound Hamburger

The aged white cheddar and house pickles make this burger quite enjoyable. Patty was cooked to order and weighs in appropriately. Pair the burger with a house brewed ale to wet your whistle.

Masticated in: September 2018

Bullion – Bullion Burger

When we add a burger to the top ten it’s because we’ve tasted nothing like it before in the scene. The au jus flavor from the patty, onion jam, and emmental cheese sent our taste buds to the moon. Each ingredient fits perfectly into the whole. It’s expensive ($16) but bovine bliss is priceless.

Masticated in: August 2018

Cedar & Vine – C&V Burger

Big grill flavor at C&V. Looks like they took a torch to the cheese and it tastes like there was worcestershire in the special sauce (which is usually a mix of mayo ketchup and mustard). We’d come back.

Masticated in: August 2018

Earls Kitchen + Bar – Bigger Better Burger

A Creekstone Farms black angus beef patty on a brioche bun. It had a pretty strong mustard flavor by default so be weary of that. Super swanky place and delicious food!

Masticated in: July 2018

Braindead Brewing – “The Parlor” Patty Melt

Well we never made it to The Parlor to try their patty melt, but unfortunately it’s closed. The chef hopped across the street To Braindead to serve it there. We found it dry, overcooked, and all we tasted was beef butter and bread. If that’s your thing, check it out by all means, at least for the rotating beer tap.

Masticated in: July 2018

Mirador – Mirador Burger

WOW. Mind blown. Every bite of this burger was delightful. The “seeduction” bun from The Commissary down the street brought tons of flavor and works nicely with the sharp cheddar and cooked to order patty.

Masticated in: July 2018

Mash’d – Cheeseburger

Poor bun, dry patty, and I dunno something else about how this burger sucks and we wouldn’t go back. Keep your burger butts moving.

Masticated in: March 2018

Mockingbird Diner – The Mockingburger

Yall heard of Maple & Motor? This here is their next concept, which is why the burgers look like cousins, save the poppy seed bun. It’s delicious, obviously.

Masticated in: March 2018

Up On Knox – 44 Farms Beef Burger

Extraordinary effort from Up on Knox. Huge pile of bacon on top of a 44 farms patty between a fluffy bun. Go get it if you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket. This place is fancy!

Masticated in: March 2018

Al Biernat’s – Al’s Burger

If you find yourself at Al’s, pass on the burger in favor of the prime rib. The burger here seems forgotten and only on the menu as a formality.

Masticated in: January 2018