Bullion – Bullion Burger

When we add a burger to the top ten it’s because we’ve tasted nothing like it before in the scene. The au jus flavor from the patty, onion jam, and emmental cheese sent our taste buds to the moon. Each ingredient fits perfectly into the whole. It’s expensive ($16) but bovine bliss is priceless.

Masticated in: August 2018

Cedar & Vine – C&V Burger

Big grill flavor at C&V. Looks like they took a torch to the cheese and it tastes like there was worcestershire in the special sauce (which is usually a mix of mayo ketchup and mustard). We’d come back.

Masticated in: August 2018

Earls Kitchen + Bar – Bigger Better Burger

A Creekstone Farms black angus beef patty on a brioche bun. It had a pretty strong mustard flavor by default so be weary of that. Super swanky place and delicious food!

Masticated in: July 2018

Braindead Brewing – “The Parlor” Patty Melt

Well we never made it to The Parlor to try their patty melt, but unfortunately it’s closed. The chef hopped across the street To Braindead to serve it there. We found it dry, overcooked, and all we tasted was beef butter and bread. If that’s your thing, check it out by all means, at least for the rotating beer tap.

Masticated in: July 2018

Mirador – Mirador Burger

WOW. Mind blown. Every bite of this burger was delightful. The “seeduction” bun from The Commissary down the street brought tons of flavor and works nicely with the sharp cheddar and cooked to order patty.

Masticated in: July 2018

Mash’d – Cheeseburger

Poor bun, dry patty, and I dunno something else about how this burger sucks and we wouldn’t go back. Keep your burger butts moving.

Masticated in: March 2018

Mockingbird Diner – The Mockingburger

Yall heard of Maple & Motor? This here is their next concept, which is why the burgers look like cousins, save the poppy seed bun. It’s delicious, obviously.

Masticated in: March 2018

Up On Knox – 44 Farms Beef Burger

Extraordinary effort from Up on Knox. Huge pile of bacon on top of a 44 farms patty between a fluffy bun. Go get it if you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket. This place is fancy!

Masticated in: March 2018

Al Biernat’s – Al’s Burger

If you find yourself at Al’s, pass on the burger in favor of the prime rib. The burger here seems forgotten and only on the menu as a formality.

Masticated in: January 2018

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery – Alehouse Burger

Super crisp fresh veg, well balanced, and topped off with delicious pork belly. If you happen to drop in, ask for Brad, a dear friend of eat this beef, he’ll make sure you have a good time.

Masticated in: January 2018

The Cedars Social – Cedars Social Burger

The Cedar’s burger was marginal at best. Maybe that’s why they changed up and serve tex-mex now! This place is not technically closed but they no longer serve a burger.

Masticated in: December 2017

Haywire – TX Akaushi Beef Burger

Super fancy tasty classic burger here. We love the everything bun and the patty was cooked to order, but you’ll have to needle your way through Legacy West in order to get to this one. God speed!

Masticated in: December 2017

Armoury D.E. – Damn Burger

The Damn Burger at Armoury D.E. is nothing short of fantastic. A short rib and brisket blended patty, Widmer cheddar, and LTO. Comes cooked to order on a fresh Challah bun. Give Peter a high five behind the bar for us!

Masticated in: May 2018

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Llano Poblano

We visited Hopdoddy in Austin circa 2011 before it arrived in Dallas and I must say the consistency between cities is on point, however their baked in-house buns cannot support the amount of fat in the grind so you end up with a wet sloppy albeit delicious mess. Also Hopdoddy is in the middle of Yuppie heaven. Enjoy that.

Masticated in: February 2018

Highland Tap and Burger – Battle Royal

Extra crispy patties piled high with veg make this spot a winner. Pop in next door for an extra special treat.

Masticated in: October 2017

Stoic & Genuine – Double Cheese Burger

Simply incredible. This place was high on the 2017 Denver burger bracket so we had to check it out. Fine dining burger at its best. We love the description on the menu: bun, beef, cheese, beef, cheese, LTO, bun $13.

Masticated in: October 2017

The Burger Stand – The Classic

Fantastic burger and even better sauces to accompany the splendid duck fat fries.

Masticated in: October 2017

Coyote Bluff Cafe – Burger From Hell

Sadly this burger did not live up to the hype, however we think it’s the best burger Amarillo has to offer.

Masticated in: October 2017

HIDE – Double Cheeseburger

This is an excellent burger lacking greens. The beer onions and garlic aioli give it a nice bite, even though it has butter pickles.

Masticated in: October 2017

Harlowe MXM – MXM Burger

Yes, yes, yes. We love when a newcomer on the burger scene blows us away. Lovely bun and veg, brittle brisket and short rib patty warmed by a blanket of cheese. You have the option of adding a lobster tail for $8 but trust us, the beef speaks for itself. Also, there’s few people in Dallas that are willing to pay for a $24 burger

Masticated in: September 2017