Eat This Beef, yo

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We check out new places almost every week so drop in again as the top ten is ever-evolving. ETB is burger centric in that we're not concerned with price, atmosphere, service, etc. It's all about the burger. We will however comment on the aforementioned if the restaurant delivers above and beyond. We prefer a "best of the best" short list as opposed to a lengthy list of options coupled with a complicated ranking system. Less is more.


Vagabond - Build Your Burger

3619 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Vagabond's Build Your Burger

We can't say anything special about the burgers at Vagabond. The only piece that was appealing was the challah bun. The patty and its accompaniments were average at best. If you're looking for a nice bar atmosphere this is the place.

The Local Oak - TLO Burger

409 N. Zang Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208

The Local Oak's TLO Burger

We were not impressed by the burger here. The patty was flavorless and the veggies were sub-par

HG Sply Co. - 80/20 Burger

2008 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

HG Sply Co.'s 80/20 Burger

The multi-grain was like thick cake, the bacon jam didn't have much bacon flavor and the lettuce and tomato were small and buried under the mess

So & So's - Burger

3309 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

So & So's's Burger

It looks pretty but looks can be deceiving. A disproportionate excuse for a pub burger that lacks quality can be found here.

Dish - Dish Burger

4123 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219

Dish's Dish Burger

Dish is trying hard for a fancy upscale burger but this one doesn't make the cut. The ingredients sounds appetizing but the burger doesn't follow through as both the bun and meats were dry and unsatisfying

Cock & Bull - Bull Burger

6333 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75214

Cock & Bull's Bull Burger

Great tasting dive bar burger at Cock & Bull. The Gruyere cheese and soft bun will keep us coming back.

Nova - Angus Brisket Burger

1417 W Davis St., Dallas, TX 75208

Nova's Angus Brisket Burger

The best part about this burger is the grind, but everything else is lacking - especially veggies

The Hay Merchant - Cease And Desist Burger

1100 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

The Hay Merchant's Cease And Desist Burger

Hit Shady's if you're looking for a super greasy burger. They use a ton of fat in their grind and it falls apart upon slaying, but other than that we'd return

True Food Kitchen - Grass Fed Bison Burger

8383 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, TX 75225

True Food Kitchen's Grass Fed Bison Burger

This is the best "healthy buger" we've had to date but healthy comes at a price: $16. No fries on the menu either.

Mexican Sugar - Hamburguesa

7501 Lone Star Dr., Plano, TX 75024

Mexican Sugar's Hamburguesa

Mexican Sugar is Whiskey Cake's sister restaurant and it does not disappoint. Their house ground patty and oaxaca cheese set it apart from the rest and give it a Spanish flavor

Boxwood Tap + Grill - The Triple B AKA Bourbon Bacon Burger

2901 Thomas Ave., Dallas, TX 75204

Boxwood Tap + Grill's The Triple B AKA Bourbon Bacon Burger

Boxwood's effort is tasty indeed, but not much bourbon flavor to be had. We recommend this if you're near Uptown

Maple & Motor - Cheeseburger

4810 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Maple & Motor's Cheeseburger

Uber toasty bun, crispy patty, and fresh vegetables deliver an all around classic. The place is small and usually packed, but they are equipped with party seating magicians. You'll always get a seat no matter how long the line is.

Grub Burger Bar - Guacapotle

4925 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

Grub Burger Bar's Guacapotle

Can't think of anything special as this burger feels plain and simple, keep moving

Nick & Sam's Grill - The NSG Burger

2816 Fairmount Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Nick & Sam's Grill's The NSG Burger

Nick and Sam's proper is one of my favorite places to go for a steak, but their grill doesn't do a good job making a burger. It's average and boring to the taste buds

Blue Plate Kitchen - Tenderloin Brisket Burger

6130 Luther Ln., Dallas, TX 75225

Blue Plate Kitchen's Tenderloin Brisket Burger

BPK's effort is delicious and the brie cheese makes it interesting

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar - Lamb Burger

2626 Howell St., Dallas, TX 75204

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar's Lamb Burger

We know, we know it's not beef, but it's still red divine fatty meat. Picked onions and feta give this burger a unique flavor on top the lamb and the combination is nothing short of mind blowing

Dallas Beer Kitchen - As Good As It Gets

1802 Greenville Ave. #110, Dallas, TX 75206

Dallas Beer Kitchen's As Good As It Gets

There's a burger for everyone at DBK. Pair your beef with a delicious beer from their giant draft selection. Their burgers are a step above pub food here

Work - Work Burger

2618 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226

Work's Work Burger

A very weak pub burger at Work. Cool concept though

Contigo - Burger & Fries

2027 Anchor Lane, Austin, TX 78723

Contigo's Burger & Fries

Crisp and organic veggies coupled with the house-made challah bun makes this burger a delight

The Lot - The Lot Burger

7530 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

The Lot's The Lot Burger

The Lot has a nice patio going for them and a decent beer selection, but that's about it. We won't be coming back hungry at any point in time