Chris Madrid’s

Macho Cheddar Cheezy

The Cheddar Cheesy wins on uniqueness alone.  We’ve never seen such a colossal amount of cheese on a burger before.  Their patties are thin, but surface area makes up for it.  Very tasty indeed.

chris_madrids_macho_cheddar_cheezy chris_madrids_macho_cheddar_cheezy_thumb chris_madrids_macho_cheddar_cheezy_web chris_madrids_macho_exterior


Burger Bar

Hubert Keller Burger

Hubert Keller runs this place so we had to check it out.  To be honest, the burgers here are nothing to write home about.  They were average at best.  If we had a destination fail page, Burger Bar would be on it.

burger_bar_exterior burger_bar_hubert_keller_burger burger_bar_hubert_keller_burger_thumb burger_bar_hubert_keller_burger_web


Hash House A Go Go

Hardwood Smoked Bacon, Avocado And Cheddar

The Imperial Palace isn’t the cleanest casino in vegas, but inside Hash House A Go Go is a different world of beefy greatness.  The burger was outstanding here.  Be sure and get the Chicken and Waffles for an appetizer as it’s amazing.

hash_house_a_go_go_exterior hash_house_a_go_go_hardwood_smoked_bacon_avocado_and_cheddar hash_house_a_go_go_hardwood_smoked_bacon_avocado_and_cheddar_thumb hash_house_a_go_go_hardwood_smoked_bacon_avocado_and_cheddar_web

Casino El Camino

The LA Burger

According to the Internets, Casino El Camino is the best burger joint in Austin.  It’s good, but we’ve had much better.  Be sure to get here around noon or you’ll have at least an hour wait.

casino_el_camino_the_la_burger casino_el_camino_exterior