The best of the best in Dallas Texas

1. Wingfield’s – Cheeseburger

Hands down without a doubt the best burger in Dallas (to date). It’s massive, cheap, well seasoned, and insanely delicious. But there’s a caveat, no seating! Enjoy this beef behemoth with your friends at the park down the way. Be sure to bring a six pack and plenty of shop towels to soak up the glorious mess. NOTE: Updated Pics!

2. Mirador – Mirador Burger

WOW. Mind blown. Every bite of this burger was delightful. The “seeduction” bun from The Commissary down the street brought tons of flavor and works nicely with the sharp cheddar and cooked to order patty.

3. Montlake Cut – Tillamook Cheddar Burger

The Neighborhood Services fam does it again with a delicious heartwarming burger. Montlake is currently the only restaurant sourcing southeast family farms and you can tell. The patty is perfectly formed to support the bun which sits on a bed of simple and fresh veggies. Thousand island dressing gives it a familiar kick. Must try this burger.

4. Harlowe MXM – MXM Burger

Yes, yes, yes. We love when a newcomer on the burger scene blows us away. Lovely bun and veg, brittle brisket and short rib patty warmed by a blanket of cheese. You have the option of adding a lobster tail for $8 but trust us, the beef speaks for itself. Also, there’s few people in Dallas that are willing to pay for a $24 burger

5. Bullion – Bullion Burger

When we add a burger to the top ten it’s because we’ve tasted nothing like it before in the scene. The au jus flavor from the patty, onion jam, and emmental cheese sent our taste buds to the moon. Each ingredient fits perfectly into the whole. It’s expensive ($16) but bovine bliss is priceless.

6. The Henry – Wagyu Burger

Perfect execution at this Uptown spot. We loved the white cheddar and the grilled onions weren’t too soggy.

7. Stirr – Stirr Crazy

Look at that cute little bacon square! The half-pound chuck and brisket patty was moist and cooked perfectly, veg was top notch, and the bun came from some delicious bakery whose name escapes us. Also the crispy tobacco onions on the Cow + Pig burger were surprisingly tasty and not overpowering. An ETB first!

8. Off-Site Kitchen – Murph-Style

When we heard OSK killed their original location in favor of Trinity Groves, we had to check it out, and holy hell it’s just the same as it ever was. Their diner-like burgers have an excellent char and flavor you can’t miss. Off-Site Kitchen is part of the Neighborhood Services family so what’s not to love? Get you some ASAP.

9. Up On Knox – 44 Farms Beef Burger

Extraordinary effort from Up on Knox. Huge pile of bacon on top of a 44 farms patty between a fluffy bun. Go get it if you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket. This place is fancy!

10. Small Brewpub – American Burger

Dat in-house bun doe. Patties cooked to perfection, fresh veg, melty american cheese, and in-house aioli make this one a winner. A true classic that hits all the nostalgic fast food taste buds. Also the beef belly on rolls were amazing as well.