Eat This Beef, brah

The list continues. These burgers are fantastic and we'd love to return for another burgering, but unfortunately we couldn't squeeze them into the top ten.

Adair's Saloon - Cheeseburger

2624 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Adair's Saloon's Cheeseburger

Adair's is the complete dive bar experience coupled with great tasting burgers. Fresh ingredients, crisp toppings, and a well formed patty makes for an enjoyable burger here.

Angry Dog - Cheeseburger

2726 Commerce, Dallas, Texas 75226Street View

Angry Dog's Cheeseburger

The Angry Dog is an extremely popular place. There was a line out the door when we left ( knows to arrive early). We feel that AD's popularity is due more to atmosphere than its food. In all honesty, the 'Angry Dog' was much better than the burger. Also, we don't like when assembly is required.

Armoury D.E. - Damn Burger

2714 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Armoury D.E.'s Damn Burger

The Damn Burger at Armoury D.E. is nothing short of fantastic. A short rib and brisket blended patty, Widmer cheddar, and LTO. Comes cooked to order on a fresh Challah bun. Give Peter a high five behind the bar for us!

Balls Hamburgers - Cheeseburger

4343 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220Street View

Balls Hamburgers's Cheeseburger

Balls was recommended to me by local culinary legend Kent Rathbun (Abacus/Jasper's/Blue Plate). The burgers are decent, but they remind us too much of a backyard BBQ.

Beck's Prime - Bill's Burger

4002 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Beck's Prime's Bill's Burger

A chain restaurant with a decent burger? Surprisingly, yes. It's a grease filled experience but man it'll scratch your burger itch for sure.

Biergarten - Burger mit Kase

665 South Lamar Street, Dallas, TX 75202Street View

Biergarten's Burger mit Kase

Nothing stands out in Biergarten's effort, like it wasn't made with love but simply put together. It's plain, boring, overpriced, and easily forgettable.

Blue Plate Kitchen - Tenderloin Brisket Burger

6130 Luther Ln., Dallas, TX 75225Street View

Blue Plate Kitchen's Tenderloin Brisket Burger

BPK's effort is delicious and the brie cheese makes it interesting

Blues Burgers - The HMF

1820 West Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75235Street View

Blues Burgers's The HMF

The HMF (has more flavor) incorporates house made Thousand Island dressing that blows Jake's Special out of the water. It packs a punch with its ghost pepper cheese and the bun is locally baked and fully supports the patty. Would eat again 10/10.

Bolsa - Brunch Burger

614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Bolsa's Brunch Burger

Bolsa's brunch burger is delicious save the bun - it tastes like it's been baked from an old collection of paper towel rolls. Everything else is top notch quality and we'd eat it again, and again.

Boulevardier - Boulevardier Burger

408 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75224Street View

Boulevardier's Boulevardier Burger

We love the LTO and Nate's pickles as they really add to the fresh crisp flavor. We used to have this burger on the top ten when Boulivardier was going above and beyond, but since the patty and cheese changed we had to make room for comparable contenders, however don't let that discourage you, this burger is still damn delicious!

Bowl & Barrel - Bacon Burger

8084 Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75231Street View

Bowl & Barrel's Bacon Burger

We were not expecting this gem at a bowling alley. The egg bun, bacon, greens, and ketchup pair together in harmony unlike any ketchup based burger we've had. It's temping but we're going to keep this one @ honorable mention for now. Also, you can throw a ball down a lane if you're into that sorta thing.

Boxwood Tap + Grill - The Triple B AKA Bourbon Bacon Burger

2901 Thomas Ave., Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Boxwood Tap + Grill's The Triple B AKA Bourbon Bacon Burger

Boxwood's effort is tasty indeed, but not much bourbon flavor to be had. We recommend this if you're near Uptown

Braindead Brewing - The Coma Burger

2625 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Braindead Brewing's The Coma Burger

Braindead constructs their burger well. A bun that will withstand their fatty grind and the veggies on the bottom to prevent bun soakage. Black angus brisket, duroc pork bacon, and Texas wagyu top sirloin is an excellent mix. We loved this burger, but there was something unbalanced about it that didn't push it over the top. We'll return again to see if it's evolved over time.

Burger Basket & Grill - Double Bacon Cheeseburger

2515 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012Street View

Burger Basket & Grill's Double Bacon Cheeseburger

The burger Gods smiled upon us the day we discovered Burger Basket on a whim. Flavorful patties, luscious bacon, tucked inside a toasty toast bun. Too bad we had to make room for superior beef.

Burger Break - The Texas Break Burger

901 W Spring Creek Pkwy #125, Plano, TX 75023Street View

Burger Break's The Texas Break Burger

Burger Break offers a very flavorful burger and packs the toppings sky high. We'll be back for sure.

Burger Edge - Double Cheeseburger

7529 Campbell Rd Ste 303, Dallas, TX 75248Street View

Burger Edge's Double Cheeseburger

Burger Edge roots stem from the Keller's family so we were expecting good beef which is what we found. The double cheeseburger is gargantuan by nature. Two patties topped with cheese stuffed with fresh veg on a cornmeal Kaiser roll. Satisfying indeed.

Burger House - Double Cheeseburger

6913 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

Burger House's Double Cheeseburger

Your typical diner burger with thin patties and standard veg if you're into that sorta thing. Tasty.

Burger Time Machine - Time Machine

301 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76201Street View

Burger Time Machine's Time Machine

Burger Time Machine is a dive burger if you will, but don't be fooled by its well-worn exterior as their burgers are giant and delicious. Expect all sorts of diverse toppings - especially on their rotating chalk board specialty menu. Definitely some must have beef if you're in the Denton area.

Burguesa Burger - La Monumental

710 Ft. Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Burguesa Burger's La Monumental

We love the unique style of this one. Refried beans, tostada, and ham? Yes, but it's not as monumental as the name implies.

Cedar Grove - Grovey Burger

4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Cedar Grove's Grovey Burger

We had to look some things up that came with this burger: maitake is a mushroom and port salut is a cow's milk cheese. Pretty fancy and pretty tasty and the proportions are on point with this one. We wouldn't mind eating this burger again.

Central 214 - Central 214 Burger

5680 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Central 214's Central 214 Burger

The beef was cooked to perfection resulting in a dark crimson center. The Oaxaca cheese had a nice touch, but we didn't like the bun - it was too dry.

Clark Food & Wine Co. - Grilled Burger

1920 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Clark Food & Wine Co.'s Grilled Burger

Clark changed up and their burger isn't as tasty as it used to be. The sloppy sauce is still there but on the side, and the pickled veggies are missing. Still a tasty burger indeed.

Club Schmitz - Cheeseburger

9661 Denton Drive, Dallas, TX 75220Street View

Club Schmitz's Cheeseburger

Club Schmitz is exactly what you want in a quiet, local dive bar experience. Cold, cheap beer and excellent service compliment this place well. However, their burgers are average and don't find a slot in the top ten.

Cock & Bull - Bull Burger

6333 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75214Street View

Cock & Bull's Bull Burger

Great tasting dive bar burger at Cock & Bull. The Gruyere cheese and soft bun will keep us coming back.

Cook Hall - Cook Hall Burger

2440 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Cook Hall's Cook Hall Burger

Excellent presentation, loved the veggies, all around great pub burger here. It's a hotel venue but we can look past that. Tasty indeed!

Coppell Deli - Cheeseburger

449 Bethel Rd, Coppell, TX 75019Street View

Coppell Deli's Cheeseburger

Coppell Deli is a great local joint that offers a classic cheeseburger. The vegetables are fresh and the patty was cooked to order. Their fries are great as well.

Crossroads Diner - The Crossroads Burger

8121 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 1100, Dallas, TX 75231Street View

Crossroads Diner's The Crossroads Burger

Crossroads Diner is a great concept with a bright atmosphere. We found that their burger is difficult to set apart from the rest. It's good, but lacked that emphatic impact that we look for.

Dairy-Ette - Double Cheeseburger

9785 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, TX 75228Street View

Dairy-Ette's Double Cheeseburger

We finally made it to this Dallas drive-in burger staple. The burgers are what you’d expect: diner style, thin crispy patties, and minimalist buns. Delicious! Also these guys might have the most inexpensive non fast-food burgers in Dallas.

Dallas Beer Kitchen - As Good As It Gets

1802 Greenville Ave. #110, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Dallas Beer Kitchen's As Good As It Gets

There's a burger for everyone at DBK. Pair your beef with a delicious beer from their giant draft selection. Their burgers are a step above pub food here

Dallas Beer Kitchen - Texas Fair Burger

1802 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Dallas Beer Kitchen's Texas Fair Burger

This here is filed under the novelty burger section. Sounds good on paper but after digging in it turns into a giant [delicious] mess.

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar - Lamb Burger

4701 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093Street View

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar's Lamb Burger

We know, we know it's not beef, but it's still red divine fatty meat. Picked onions and feta give this burger a unique flavor on top the lamb and the combination is nothing short of mind blowing.

Del Frisco's Grille - The Donald / The Hillary

3232 McKinney Ave Suite 175, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Del Frisco's Grille's The Donald / The Hillary

DOUBLE FEATURE: In the spirit of the election year, DFG is selling The Donald and The Hillary for $16/ea and we recommend you support your respective party! The Donald comes adorned with gold foil and it's similar to their prime burger, which has an excellent grill flavor. The Hillary is similar to their lamb burger which gives it some spunk. You can't go wrong with either!

Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard - The Club Schmitz Burger

2645 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard's The Club Schmitz Burger

Man this one had potential. Love the fact that they recommissioned Club Schmit'z grill so all that flavor didn't go to waste in a dumpster somewhere. The bun had trouble supporting the beef blend (it looks like a chef hat!) but overall this was a tasty burger. Average LTO but hey that's better than no LTO. 10/10 would return.

Dugg Burger - The Dugg Dozen

9540 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218Street View

Dugg Burger's The Dugg Dozen

We were blown away by Dugg Burger. A true diamond in the ruff. Everything about Dugg is unique. They use a Village bakery bun that's been hollowed out to accompany a mix of cherry tomatoes and fine greens that's like a salad to go with your beef. The patty is thin but action packed. They also offer a variety of choice toppings to satiate your taste.

Dutch's - Bacon Bleu Cheese

3009 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109Street View

Dutch's's Bacon Bleu Cheese

That's right, our meat mission stretches across the metroplex. This is exactly what you're looking for in a great blue cheese burger. A neighborhood style place, located on the edge of TCU's campus.

E.J. Wills Gastropub - The Garbage Burger

18208 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252Street View

E.J. Wills Gastropub's The Garbage Burger

Holy mother of Burger. Look at this thing. Topped with sliced turkey, red leaf lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, jalapeno bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and a fried onion. The patty was perfectly cooked to order and overall this sandwich was delicious, however expect it to fall apart after a few bites because there's simply too much going on here.

East Hampton Sandwich Co. - Cheeseburger

6912 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

East Hampton Sandwich Co.'s Cheeseburger

The moist and airy bun from Empire Baking and sriracha dijonnaise adds a distinctive twist to this burger. The homemade chips are a unique accompaniment to most of the meals here.

Eastwood's Bar - Cheeseburger

3407 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Eastwood's Bar's Cheeseburger

Eastwood's is a pleasant burger surprise in the heart of Uptown. The patty is cooked to order, comes with giant slabs of bacon, a healthy pile of cheese, fat pickles which really bring out the LTO, sitting on a buttery bun. Yum!

Eureka! - Fresno Fig Burger

3700 McKinney Ave #126, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Eureka!'s Fresno Fig Burger

Eureka! is a trendy craft brew touting California based burger chain. The Fresno Fig burger's marmalade and goat cheese were subtly integrated without overpowering the flavor. Cooked to order, a shit load of arugula, and a soft fluffy egg based bun.

Filament - Filament Burger

2626 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Filament's Filament Burger

Filament: just when we thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this ... and TOTALLY redeem yourself! When we first came to Filament the burger was f'n delicious, but not mind bending enough to land itself a spot on the top ten, until now. Their play on the big mac burger is legendary: suuuuper crispy patties, damn near identical special sauce, and they added veggies (thank the burger Gods). Do yourself a favor and hit Filament for this lascivious creation.

Flaming Burger - Mushroom Jalapeno Burger

11255 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218Street View

Flaming Burger's Mushroom Jalapeno Burger

Super crispy big sesame seed equipped buns, great flavor, and it's massive. Surprisingly great onion rings as well.

Fred's Texas Cafe - Blue Cheese Burger

915 Currie Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107Street View

Fred's Texas Cafe's Blue Cheese Burger

This burger looks much better than it tastes. Nothing sets this burger apart from the rest. The cheese fries are pretty good but don't come close to the almighty Snuffer's.

Front Room Tavern - Tavern Burger

6101 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

Front Room Tavern's Tavern Burger

Front Room's effort is a bit pricey at $16 but it's worth it. Their patty is super fat and juicy and the white cheddar gives it a nice twist. We'd go back for sure.

Full Circle Tavern - Build Your Own Burger

1319 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215Street View

Full Circle Tavern's Build Your Own Burger

Nice bun, clean and fresh veggies, fatty patty, all good. Full Circle cooks their burgers to order as well. If you have bigger balls than we do, try to the 'The Bad Ass Burger' which sports a pound of beef. 'MURICA.

Goodfriend Beer Garden And Burger House - Loretta

1154 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX 75218Street View

Goodfriend Beer Garden And Burger House's Loretta

We like how the menu @ Goodfriend is burger centric, but the Loretta didn't satiate and the blue cheese was extremely overpowering. On another note, the sweet potato fries were phenomenal.

Grayson Social - Kobe Burger

1555 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Grayson Social's Kobe Burger

Tucked inside of a hotel, Grayson Social is a craft cocktail with Southern fare. Their burger (albeit expensive) is super tasty. Fresh baked bun, pickled red onion, and pimento cheese that works surprisingly well will keep us coming back.

HIDE - Double Cheeseburger

2816 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

HIDE's Double Cheeseburger

This is an excellent burger lacking greens. The beer onions and garlic aioli give it a nice bite, even though it has butter pickles.

Harvey B's - The Standard

4506 Columbia Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Harvey B's's The Standard

Harvey cooks up a classic diner burger. If you order the half pound (like we did) prepare for a mountain of meat. Their patty had a nice char but was a bit overdone. The spiral cut spuds were a nice deviation from the norm.

Haystack Burgers & Barley - Haystack Burgers & Barley

100 S Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080Street View

Haystack Burgers & Barley's Haystack Burgers & Barley

Haystack delivers a damn fine burger. The patties come out medium which isn't bad, bun is freshly griddled, and the veg is on point. We want to try the chicken fried burger next time. See ya then!

Henderson Avenue Country Club - Big Belly Burger

2405 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Henderson Avenue Country Club's Big Belly Burger

The burger here is very filling with a half-pound patty topped with pork belly. The belly had a brisket like texture and was pretty tough but it carried a nice flavor. The egg made this burger super messy but we can tolerate that.

Henry's Tavern - Brewhouse Cheeseburger

5741 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024Street View

Henry's Tavern's Brewhouse Cheeseburger

A tasty pub burger can be found here. Brioche bun with a patty cooked to order and tillamook sharp cheddar. If you're up North and looking for a good burger you won't be disappointed at Henry's.

Holy Grail Pub - Holy Grail Burger

8240 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75024Street View

Holy Grail Pub's Holy Grail Burger

It's a pub burger with 1,000s of different cheeses to choose from which won't hurt your face hole.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Goodnight / Good Cause

6030 Luther Ln #100, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

Hopdoddy Burger Bar's Goodnight / Good Cause

We visited Hopdoddy in Austin circa 2011 before it arrived in Dallas and I must say the consistency between cities is on point, however their baked in-house buns cannot support the amount of fat in the grind so you end up with a wet sloppy albeit delicious mess. Also Hopdoddy is in the middle of Yuppie heaven. Enjoy that.

Houston's - Cheeseburger

5318 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75240Street View

Houston's's Cheeseburger

The classy atmosphere compliments this burger well. Unfortunately, it was bumped to the fail page to make room for the top ten. Good effort mate.

Ida Claire - Ida Like A Burger

5001 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254Street View

Ida Claire's Ida Like A Burger

Ida Claire's burger fu is strong on all fronts except for the patty. It's thin and lifeless; however the fresh pickles and okra salad will keep us coming back. Ida is easily the best restaurant on Addison's restaurant row.

Jonathon's Oak Cliff - The Nooner

1111 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203Street View

Jonathon's Oak Cliff's The Nooner

The Nooner is the pinnacle of over-indulgence. Cheese, ham, bacon, egg, and LTO piled high threatening to punish your gut, but the patty has little room to shine. Also it's not on the menu, but go ahead, order one anyway. We like it, we'd go back, in fact, we have. See you soon Jonathan.

Junction Craft Kitchen - Texas Akaushi Smash Burger

2901 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Junction Craft Kitchen's Texas Akaushi Smash Burger

Formally Kitchen LTO, Junction Craft Kitchen makes a tasty burger. We loved the garlic mayo and fresh baked brioche bun. Crispy Akaushi patties with some nice veg entices us to return.

LA Burger - LA Burger

10045 N. MacArthur Blvd, Irving, Texas 75063Street View

LA Burger's LA Burger

ETB ordered off the menu this time, not animal style either. We applaud LA Burger for doing something different, fried kimchi on this beef. Very tasty indeed, but not tasty enough.

La Duni - Ribeye Burger

8687 N. Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

La Duni's Ribeye Burger

La Duni obvs bakes their bun in house which already sets it apart. The patty is brittle, bright red, and delicious. Also the yucca fries are unstoppable. God damn, why haven't we had their burger before!?

Le Taco Cantina - Le Torta

2808 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Le Taco Cantina's Le Torta

Le Taco Cantina was quickly resurrected from Scotch and Sausage's fleeting ashes and has evolved to a casual dining experiance. Le Torta is built with melted swiss on short rib patty topped with carnitas, avocado, iceberg lettuce, and crema. Their bun had trouble supporting the grind and it gets messy, but it's completely satiating. We'll give it another shot soon.

Lee Harvey's - Half Pound Burger

1807 Gould Street, Dallas, TX 75215Street View

Lee Harvey's's Half Pound Burger

An outdoor venue is always preferred. Good flavor, but it was bumped to make room for the best of the best.

Liberty Burger - Wild West

5211 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75244Street View

Liberty Burger's Wild West

When we visited Liberty Burger it was only open for two days. ETB is on it. We felt the patty was overcooked but overall the Wild West is a great tasting burger. We'd like to note that the service is impeccable at Liberty Burger.

Love Shack - Dirty Love Burger

110 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164Street View

Love Shack's Dirty Love Burger

This burger came to us as a recommendation from a Playboy reader (ETB doesn't read the articles). Created by established chef, Time Love, we knew this burger had potential. It was super tasty and held a flavor that was new to us.

Maple & Motor - Cheeseburger

4810 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Maple & Motor's Cheeseburger

Uber toasty bun, crispy patty, and fresh vegetables deliver an all around classic. The place is small and usually packed, but they are equipped with party seating magicians. You'll always get a seat no matter how long the line is. We've come to the heartbreaking conclusion that M&M simply isn't as tasty as it once was. The quality just isn't up to what it once was.

Matchbox - perfect lunch burger

7859 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75230Street View

Matchbox's perfect lunch burger

Matchbox gives you an option of six ounces or eight, this is eat this beef, of course we went with eight. Cooked to order, wonderful grill flavor, and the oven roasted tomatoes were a great addition. You can't go wrong with this burger.

Mexican Sugar - Hamburguesa

7501 Lone Star Dr., Plano, TX 75024Street View

Mexican Sugar's Hamburguesa

Mexican Sugar is Whiskey Cake's sister restaurant and it does not disappoint. Their house ground patty and oaxaca cheese set it apart from the rest and give it a Spanish flavor

Mr Mesero - The "Rose" Burger

4444 Mckinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

Mr Mesero's The "Rose" Burger

A Mexican joint with a delicious burger? There's such a thing? After Texas Monthly featured Mr Mesero in their top 50 we had to check it out. The first flavor that hits you (along with pretty much everything else) is the smoky flavor. Two thin patties covered with melty cheese underneath a bunch of fresh veg on a homemade bun makes this burger worth checking out. It's on the smaller side but it'll definitely feed the dragon.

Mudhen Meat and Greens - Grass-Fed Beef Burger

900 S. Harwood St., Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Mudhen Meat and Greens's Grass-Fed Beef Burger

Mudhen has a solid healthy-ish burger what with its fresh veggies and nine grain bun. The puddle of gouda below the 44 farms patty introduces a nice flavor. The bun, surprisingly, is really tasty! Usually 'healthy' buns taste like ground cardboard cake.

Neighborhood Services - Butcher's Block Burger

5027 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209Street View

Neighborhood Services's Butcher's Block Burger

The Block Burger is a serious classic. It features a hand formed blend of chuck and brisket cooked to perfection, sitting on a thick pad of iceberg lettuce, squeezed in between a sesame seed bun. Outstanding.

Next Door Dallas - Next Door Dallas

2908 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Next Door Dallas's Next Door Dallas

We'll be back for the novelty factor alone. The top bun is injected with a hot creamy mix of gruyere that spills out into a river of delicious ooze as you cut (or bite) into the burger. It's tasty, but make sure to grab a few extra napkins.

Nickel & Rye - Hangover Burger

2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Nickel & Rye's Hangover Burger

N&R's Hangover Burger took us by surprise. It's well balanced and most importantly the egg was fried to perfection accompanied with a bun that'll support it. The double patties are charred to the max which opens up the flavor flood gates. It's the best farm burger we've had to date. We'll be back for their Signature Burger soon.

Nosh Euro Bistro - Nosh Stacked Kobe Burger

4701 W. Park Blvd Suite 101, Plano, TX 75093Street View

Nosh Euro Bistro's Nosh Stacked Kobe Burger

We'd like to highlight the grilled patty and cheese. They were delicious, however they sat on a commercial bun and we felt like the chef took a page out of Neighborhood Services' cookbook.

Off-Site Kitchen - Double Delux

425 Bedford Street, Dallas, TX 75212Street View

Off-Site Kitchen's Double Delux

When we heard OSK killed their original location in favor of Trinity Groves, we had to check it out, and holy hell it's just the same as it ever was. Their diner-like burgers have an excellent char and flavor you can't miss. Off-Site Kitchen is part of the Neighborhood Services family so what's not to love?

Olive Burger - House Cheese Burger

451 W Arapaho Rd, Dallas, TX 75080Street View

Olive Burger's House Cheese Burger

A fine effort. I'd love to know how Olive Burger gets their buns perfectly toasty. Love the size of the patty and the heat from the jalapenos, but the mushroom and onions got lost in the mix. Also, the fries were extra crispy and delicious!

Origin Kitchen + Bar - Grass Fed Burger

4438 McKinney Ave #150, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

Origin Kitchen + Bar's Grass Fed Burger

Origins puts together a damn good farm burger. It comes loaded with top notch ingredients with the white cheddar standing out the most. The sweet potato fries are sub-par but the burger is worth a visit alone.

Pints & Quarts - Brooke's Burger

5434 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Pints & Quarts's Brooke's Burger

Pints & Quarts has a decent offering which begs a bit of fine tuning. The shaved onion and butter lettuce make this burger very enjoyable. They have a wide range of burger builds to satisfy every taste. We'll try the fried green tomato burger next!

Public School 214 - The Huntsman

3700 McKinney Avenue, #148, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Public School 214's The Huntsman

Public School comes to Dallas from the left coast. The Huntsman has great LTO, sits on a flaky homemade bun, and the patty was cooked to order. Delicious. Also the school themed décor is fun and omnipresent.

R+D Kitchen - Cheeseburger

8300 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

R+D Kitchen's Cheeseburger

The burger at R+D is a high quality effort. Ground fresh on the daily and served on their house-made bun. The presentation is pretty as well.

Remedy - Cheeseburger

2010 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Remedy's Cheeseburger

Danyele McPherson left The Grape and is now running the kitchen at Remedy so we had high expectations going in; and they were blown out of the water. God damn delicious. Kansas City Kobe beef between a griddled challah bun. NOTE: what in fuck did we do to the Dallas burger Gods that led them to shutter Remedy? What a shame : (

Rodeo Goat Ice House - Chaca Oaxaca

1926 Market Center Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207Street View

Rodeo Goat Ice House's Chaca Oaxaca

Rodeo Goat blew us away with their chorizo based burger. They complete this breakfast burger breakthrough with avocado, pico, queso, tabasco, and a fried egg. Lovely. Being a burger only joint they sure do offer a wide array of specialty builds. BONUS: the patio is giant, inviting, and scenic.

Scotch & Sausage - Cheeseburger

2808 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219Street View

Scotch & Sausage's Cheeseburger

Joey's burger begs you to focus on its meat and cheese. Two patties with a 50/50 angus brisket blend, microplaned shallots and American cheese between a pain de mie bun. Simple build but complex flavor yields a delightful experience at Scotch & Sausage.

Screen Door - Black Angus Cheeseburger

1722 Routh St # 132, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Screen Door's Black Angus Cheeseburger

Screen Door features a fantastic patio venue. The burger is very good, cooked to order on a fluffy bun, but it lacked that face melting factor that necessitates a slot in the top ten.

Seasons 52 - Oak Fired Western Buffalo Burger

7300 Lone Star Drive Suite C100, Plano, TX 75024Street View

Seasons 52's Oak Fired Western Buffalo Burger

Seasons 52 goes against ETB's standard of gluttony, but their effort is very refreshing. They pride themselves on every entre containing less than 475 calories so their burger is small and health conscious. It was very tasty but too petite for any accolades.

Shady's Burger Joint - Shady's Burger

9661 Audelia Rd, Dallas, TX 75238Street View

Shady's Burger Joint's Shady's Burger

Shady's is a decent local spot tucked away in suburbia. Cooked to order and tasty overall. The bun has a strong potato flavor and it's not toasted or griddled which left us confused. Check em out if you're in the area.

Shady's Burgers - Shadys Burger

2701 Custer Parkway #915, Richardson, TX 75080Street View

Shady's Burgers's Shadys Burger

Hit Shady's if you're looking for a super greasy burger. They use a ton of fat in their grind and it falls apart upon slaying, but other than that we'd return

Smoke - EB&D Loaded Up and Truckin' Burger

901 Ft.Worth Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Smoke's EB&D Loaded Up and Truckin' Burger

Smoke exhibits a delicious, atypical burger. The farm egg fritter is exceptional. However, the patty was overcooked and the structural integrity disintegrated rapidly. NOTE: We revisited Smoke and discovered that they downsized this burger. Now it's less awesome

Snuffer's - Green Chile Swiss Burger

8411 Preston Road Suite, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

Snuffer's's Green Chile Swiss Burger

If you like your burger nice and greasy, Snuffer's is where it's at. They are generous with the lettuce here so you can follow up with a salad after your burger. Be sure to start off with some cheese fries because they are killer (the best in Dallas we think). PS Snuffer's is ranking alumni.

Square Burger - Smokey Jack Burger

115 N Kentucky St, McKinney, TX 75069Street View

Square Burger's Smokey Jack Burger

Awesome array of burgers with a modern atmosphere. Love the fried pickle that accompanies every burger by default. Unfortunately we were unable to squeeze Square Burger into the top ten. It came very close.

Stackhouse - Single

2917 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204Street View

Stackhouse's Single

The iceberg lettuce wasn't working for us and the patty wasn't pink as specified. However, the bun and cheese were extremely tasty.

Standard Service - The Remedy Burger

760 W Ralph Hall Pkwy, Rockwall, TX 75032Street View

Standard Service's The Remedy Burger

The Remedy burger lives on after Remedy sadly shuttered on Greenville. It's still just as amazing, almost identical we think. The patty was a biiiiiit overcooked but it was still quality af. We'd love to put this one in the top ten but dag, it's all the fucking way in Rockwall! etb moved to Dallas only as we can barely keep up with this burger environment which is constantly in flux. Side note: the sweet potato fries are a new addition! They are thin, crispy, waffle cut, and delicious.

Stock & Barrel - Wagyu Meatloaf Burger

316 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Stock & Barrel's Wagyu Meatloaf Burger

The wagyu patty was moist and had a great fat balance to the grind which definitely induced nostalgia from Nosh. Topped with tomato jam between a soft glossy bun made for a memorable experience. Also, S&B's brunch is supreme, add it to your short list

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen - SB Burger

216 W Virginia St #100, McKinney, TX 75069Street View

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen's SB Burger

We couldn't taste the quality in the Wagyu patty and the bun was kinda dry, but hey if you live in McKinney this is probably one of the best burgers available. Also make sure to order the sugarbacon as it's truely divine.

Swiss Pastry Shop - Farm to Market Burger

3936 W Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107Street View

Swiss Pastry Shop's Farm to Market Burger

The chef isn't kidding when he claims he 'provides the best beef I can get.' The patty was very delicate and juicy. We love how the menu reads 'please don't make me cook it well done' as well. I expected more from the bun at a pastry shop, but overall this burger is fantastic.

TJ's Seafood - The Yacht Club Burger

6025 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75230Street View

TJ's Seafood's The Yacht Club Burger

TJ's effort is definitely worth the visit for its unique qualities like the pretzel bun and onion jam, but you gotta be into those sort of things, like the pretzel flavor and its sponginess coupled with the sweetness of the onion jam. We can't handle so much sweet with our beef, but you need to see for yourself! NOTE: The burger is ONLY avilable at the Preston & Royal location.

Texas Scratch Kitchen - TSK Burger

5600 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209Street View

Texas Scratch Kitchen's TSK Burger

A great neighborhood spot offers a simple tasty burger. The bun set it apart as it's made in-house.

The Commissary - The Magic Burger

1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

The Commissary's The Magic Burger

A burger on an English muffin? It sounds risky but it's absolutely magical. Don't be fooled by its size, the patty is 8 ounces and cooked to perfection. The avocado fries are a good option to start with or accompany the burger here.

The Common Table - The Notorious P.I.G.

2917 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

The Common Table's The Notorious P.I.G.

The Notorious P.I.G. has serious potential, but the patty was ruined by way too much sodium. It was cooked to order and the pimento cheese was a pleasant surprise. The bun was soft and the duck fat delivered an extra flavor punch. We'll go back, but if it's too salty next time we'll push it over to the fail page. PS: we recommend finding a table outside because it's loud af indoors.

The Grape Restaurant - The "Best Burger In Texas"

2808 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

The Grape Restaurant's The "Best Burger In Texas"

Texas Monthly magazine deemed this burger the best in Texas in 2009. It's still only available during Sunday brunch and reservations are recommended due to demand. We obviously don't agree with Texas Monthly, but it's a damn good burger. Get you some.

The Honor Bar - Honor Burger

26 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205Street View

The Honor Bar's Honor Burger

The Honor Bar is a new addition to the Hillstone Group's collection of fancy restaurants. When we say fancy we mean it: there's a sign on the door that reads 'proper attire required' lols. Holy crap the slaw on this burger is to die for, what a unique addition. Patty was brittle and cooked to order. We reeeeally want to put this one on the top ten but it's much like the burger at R+D so we couldn't justify the bump. Stay tuned!

The Ivy Tavern - The American Dream

5334 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209Street View

The Ivy Tavern's The American Dream

The American Dream fulfills the average Americans' gluttony at its best - a bacon cheddar burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Be advised: you should tackle this beefy barbarian with an empty stomach or prepare to be defeated. Order it from one of the friendliest bartenders in Dallas and you will not be disappointed.

The Old Monk - Bruder Basil Burger

2847 North Henderson, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

The Old Monk's Bruder Basil Burger

Not only does The Old Monk harbor a tasty burger, but it's a beer lover's paradise. The cheese on this one really stands out and gives it a splendid flavor. Unfortunately The Old Monk is a top ten veteran.

The People's Last Stand - Stand-Alone Burger

5319 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

The People's Last Stand's Stand-Alone Burger

Yuppie joint serves yuppie burger. What's not to love? Cooked to order and worth a visit.

The Porch - The Stodg

2912 N. Henderson, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

The Porch's The Stodg

Great place to go for lunch and awesome atmosphere. The Stodg is one the best burgers crowned with a fried egg we've ever had. UPDATE: We revisited The Porch and discovered that they changed up on us. The Stodg is now delivered on a plate instead of a basket, and the beef has been upgraded. Still a Stodg, still glorious, still the best burger on Knox.

The Ranch At Las Colinas - Bandera Burger

857 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Las Colinas, TX 75039Street View

The Ranch At Las Colinas's Bandera Burger

The Ranch is a great place for happy hour and beef. Well-made buns, good sized patty, and fancy toppings go into this burger. Unfortunately we had to push this one to the fail page.

Thomas Avenue Beverage Company - Black N' Blue Burger

2901 Thomas Ave, Dallas, TX 75204Street View

Thomas Avenue Beverage Company's Black N' Blue Burger

TABC offers a world class blue cheese burger. The blue cheese is particularly creamy and isn''t overpowering.

Thurber Mingus - Green Chili White Cheddar Pimento

4400 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, TX 76114Street View

Thurber Mingus's Green Chili White Cheddar Pimento

The food menu is divided up into two sections, "burgers" and "not burgers". We like that. Plenty to choose from at Thurber Mingus, the white cheddar pimento worked surprisingly well on this burger. We'll be back for the fancy venue and because we love the name.

Tillman's Roadhouse - Landy Style Burger

324 West 7th Street, Dallas, TX 75208Street View

Tillman's Roadhouse's Landy Style Burger

Tillman's is definitely on the creative side of burger building. Big unique flavor, high quality patty, and homemade bun push Tillman's near the top of the list. Enjoy this meat medley with their famous trio of fries. Complimentary hot truffle oil topped popcorn served with a side of warm roasted peanuts preps your pallet.

Top Knot - TK Double Patty Burger

2817 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75201Street View

Top Knot's TK Double Patty Burger

This burger is super cheap ($5) and ONLY available during happy hour from a fine dining restaurant above the famous Uchi sushi joint. However it's tiny with just bacon cheese and pickles aboard, but for the price we can make an exception.

True Food Kitchen - Grass Fed Bison Burger

8383 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, TX 75225Street View

True Food Kitchen's Grass Fed Bison Burger

This is the best "healthy buger" we've had to date but healthy comes at a price: $16. No fries on the menu either.

Twisted Root - Green Chile, Guacamole, & Pepperjack Burger

2615 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226Street View

Twisted Root's Green Chile, Guacamole, & Pepperjack Burger

This place has mad character and is always packed at lunch so get there early. TR was once a ranked joint @ Eat This Beef, however as our burger pallets matured and our experience grew, multiple revisits revealed that TR doesn't find a place in the top ten. The patty is overcooked, bun isn't homemade, and it's lacking unique flavor.

Victor Tangos - House Ground Cheeseburger

1917 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206Street View

Victor Tangos's House Ground Cheeseburger

VT's chefs up a great no-LTO burger which highlights their in-house ground patty between a cloud-like bun. If you don't mind the lack of veggies this is a winner.

Village Burger Bar - Blue Burger

5700 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024Street View

Village Burger Bar's Blue Burger

Thank the burger gods for bringing VBB to the shops. We highly recommend a tower of Stella Artois to accompany your meal here. Great burgers, but VBB was bumped due to growing competition.

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar - The Basic Burger

3601 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093Street View

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar's The Basic Burger

No, it's not The Plano Tavern, but something glorious was resurrected from its ashes. The organic ingredients compliment this burger well and it sits on a homemade bun. We found that Whiskey Cake has exceptional service as well.