Honorable Mention

The list continues. These burgers are fantastic and we'd love to return for another burgering sesh, but unfortunately we couldn't squeeze them into the top ten, because you know, there are only ten slots, and there are so many burgers in the Dallas burger-sphere. We want them all to be in the top ten, but god damnit we have to show some restraint.

Adair’s Saloon – Cheeseburger

Adair’s is the complete dive bar experience coupled with great tasting burgers. Fresh ingredients, crisp toppings, and a well formed patty makes for an enjoyable burger here.

Alamo Club – Bacon Cheddar Burger

Former Town Hearth chef Austin Rodgers spawned this casual neighborhood spot. The burger is accompanied by dressed arugula which brings a refreshing bite. We feel there are better burgers to be had in lower Greenville, so expand your options if you’re looking to beef.

Angry Dog – Cheeseburger

The Angry Dog is an extremely popular place. There was a line out the door when we left (eatthisbeef.com knows to arrive early). We feel that AD’s popularity is due more to atmosphere than its food. In all honesty, the ‘Angry Dog’ was much better than the burger. Also, we don’t like when assembly is required.

Armoury D.E. – Damn Burger

The Damn Burger at Armoury D.E. is nothing short of fantastic. A short rib and brisket blended patty, Widmer cheddar, and LTO. Comes cooked to order on a fresh Challah bun. Give Peter a high five behind the bar for us!

Balls Hamburgers – Cheeseburger

Balls was recommended to me by local culinary legend Kent Rathbun (Abacus/Jasper’s/Blue Plate). The burgers are decent, but they remind us too much of a backyard BBQ.

Beck’s Prime – Bill’s Burger

A chain restaurant with a decent burger? Surprisingly, yes. It’s a grease filled experience but man it’ll scratch your burger itch for sure.

Biergarten – Burger mit Kase

Nothing stands out in Biergarten’s effort, like it wasn’t made with love but simply put together. It’s plain, boring, overpriced, and easily forgettable.

Blue Plate Kitchen – Tenderloin Brisket Burger

BPK’s effort is delicious and the brie cheese makes it interesting

Blues Burgers – The HMF

The HMF (has more flavor) incorporates house made Thousand Island dressing that blows Jake’s Special out of the water. It packs a punch with its ghost pepper cheese and the bun is locally baked and fully supports the patty. Would eat again 10/10.

Bolsa – Brunch Burger

Bolsa’s brunch burger is delicious save the bun – it tastes like it’s been baked from an old collection of paper towel rolls. Everything else is top notch quality and we’d eat it again, and again.

Boulevardier – Boulevardier Burger

We love the LTO and Nate’s pickles as they really add to the fresh crisp flavor. We used to have this burger on the top ten when Boulivardier was going above and beyond, but since the patty and cheese changed we had to make room for comparable contenders, however don’t let that discourage you, this burger is still damn delicious!

Bowl & Barrel – Bacon Burger

We were not expecting this gem at a bowling alley. The egg bun, bacon, greens, and ketchup pair together in harmony unlike any ketchup based burger we’ve had. It’s temping but we’re going to keep this one @ honorable mention for now. Also, you can throw a ball down a lane if you’re into that sorta thing.

Boxwood Tap + Grill – The Triple B AKA Bourbon Bacon Burger

Boxwood’s effort is tasty indeed, but not much bourbon flavor to be had. We recommend this if you’re near Uptown

Bulla Gastrobar – ‘Bulla’ Burger

Heavy smoke flavor gives this one a good bite. Piquillo peppers and tetila cheese are two unqie ingredients that aids its flavor.

Burger Basket & Grill – Double Bacon Cheeseburger

The burger Gods smiled upon us the day we discovered Burger Basket on a whim. Flavorful patties, luscious bacon, tucked inside a toasty toast bun. Too bad we had to make room for superior beef.

Burger Break – The Texas Break Burger

Burger Break offers a very flavorful burger and packs the toppings sky high. We’ll be back for sure.

Burger Edge – Double Cheeseburger

Burger Edge roots stem from the Keller’s family so we were expecting good beef which is what we found. The double cheeseburger is gargantuan by nature. Two patties topped with cheese stuffed with fresh veg on a cornmeal Kaiser roll. Satisfying indeed.

Burger House – Double Cheeseburger

Your typical diner burger with thin patties and standard veg if you’re into that sorta thing. Tasty.

Burger Time Machine – Time Machine

Burger Time Machine is a dive burger if you will, but don’t be fooled by its well-worn exterior as their burgers are giant and delicious. Expect all sorts of diverse toppings – especially on their rotating chalk board specialty menu. Definitely some must have beef if you’re in the Denton area.

BurgerFi – Bacon Cheeseburger

This branded out of the box burger is pretty good. We enjoyed it. It’s akin to all the other yuppie burgers out there.

Burguesa Burger – La Monumental

We love the unique style of this one. Refried beans, tostada, and ham? Yes, but it’s not as monumental as the name implies.

Cedar & Vine – C&V Burger

Big grill flavor at C&V. Looks like they took a torch to the cheese and it tastes like there was worcestershire in the special sauce (which is usually a mix of mayo ketchup and mustard). We’d come back.

Cedar Grove – Grovey Burger

We had to look some things up that came with this burger: maitake is a mushroom and port salut is a cow’s milk cheese. Pretty fancy and pretty tasty and the proportions are on point with this one. We wouldn’t mind eating this burger again.

Central 214 – Central 214 Burger

The beef was cooked to perfection resulting in a dark crimson center. The Oaxaca cheese had a nice touch, but we didn’t like the bun – it was too dry.

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Pick Your Burger

The poppy seed bun is paramount to the flavor here. Excellent flat top diner burger that hits all the areas of interest in your face hole.

Clark Food & Wine Co. – Grilled Burger

Clark changed up and their burger isn’t as tasty as it used to be. The sloppy sauce is still there but on the side, and the pickled veggies are missing. Still a tasty burger indeed.

Club Schmitz – Cheeseburger

Club Schmitz is exactly what you want in a quiet, local dive bar experience. Cold, cheap beer and excellent service compliment this place well. However, their burgers are average and don’t find a slot in the top ten.

Cock & Bull – Bull Burger

Great tasting dive bar burger at Cock & Bull. The Gruyere cheese and soft bun will keep us coming back.

Commissary – Cheeseburger

Holy shit, eat the beef @ Commissary. It features dry aged chuck, jalapeno relish, and smoked mayo which all contribute to the unique flavor of this burger.

Cook Hall – Cook Hall Burger

Excellent presentation, loved the veggies, all around great pub burger here. It’s a hotel venue but we can look past that. Tasty indeed!