The list disappoints. These are the burgers to avoid. You don't want to waste cash and calories here. Take our word for it and hit a place on the top ten instead. Or don't, do whatever the fuck you want. Maybe they changed chefs or something right?

12 Burgers – 12 Burger

We thought the twelve burger tasted like a gourmet Sonic burger. Do not want.

303 Grill – Cuban Burger

303’s effort is tasty but easily forgettable. We couldn’t find any compelling reason to spark our interest into returning. Pork and ham simply doesn’t jive well on an overcooked burger.

3rd Base – The Hangover

Suffering from a hangover and consuming this burger is not a good combination. Mrs Baird’s delivered the bun and the patty was like a warm piece of charcoal.

Al Biernat’s – Al’s Burger

If you find yourself at Al’s, pass on the burger in favor of the prime rib. The burger here seems forgotten and only on the menu as a formality.

Angela’s Cafe – Sourdough Bacon & Cheddar Burger

No. Angela needs to stick to what she’s good at: breakfast diner fare.

Barcadia – Barcadia Burger

Barcadia’s ‘signature burger’ features a green chili and cheese stuffed patty, but the stuffing ruins the burger. It was luke warm and had a bad impact on the overall taste. Stay away.

Big Daddy’s Convenience Store – Cheeseburger

Excellent fried chicken salad here, but not worth getting anything else @ Big Daddy’s

Blatt Beer & Table – Backyard Burger

Well this is a first, veg pinned to the top of the bun? Neat. Other than that, nothing to see here.

Bone Daddy’s – House of Smoke – 1/2 LB Cheeseburger

A typical breastaurant burger, nothing special

Bowen House – Hamburger La Pasha

The double patties are nice, but nothing else stands out. Boring and typical and Uptown fare.

Braindead Brewing – “The Parlor” Patty Melt

Well we never made it to The Parlor to try their patty melt, but unfortunately it’s closed. The chef hopped across the street To Braindead to serve it there. We found it dry, overcooked, and all we tasted was beef butter and bread. If that’s your thing, check it out by all means, at least for the rotating beer tap.

Buffalo Bluez – All-American Burger

A dry patty and bun with a waxy stiff slice of cheddar won’t beckon us back to Buffalo Bluez.

Burger Girl – Single Patty Burger

Come here for the girl, but not for the burger (if you like waitress by day stripper by night, seriously). The patty was terribly small, and overall taste was painfully lacking.

Burger Spot – Cali Burger

This place is brand new so we had to give it some love. A well rounded burger here, but a bit on the small side. Nothing jumps out at us that justifies a return trip.

C. Se�or – Cuban Burger

C. Se�or’s succinct menu features an atypical burger on a tiny torta like bun with a beef and chorizo blend. They put a unique Cuban spin on the burger but it’s very small and leaves you hungry for more. There are plenty of better options in Bishop Arts that we recommend you hit instead. Do stop in for their Yucca fries though as they’re incredible.

Campisi’s – Cheeseburger

Yes, Campisi’s has an off-menu burger — just ask for it! It’s what you’d expect for a pizza joint.

Capitol Pub – The Capitol Burger

Capitol Pub wins the worst burger in DFW to date. Their egregious effort was absolutely repulsive. It wasn’t cooked to order, excluded vegetables, and sat on a tasteless bun from a commercial bakery.

CBD Provisions – Double Cheeseburger

Much disappoint. CBD fell off hard with their burger. This is a waxy leaning tower of american cheese mess between a bun that doesn’t withstand the moisture. Every ingredient gets undercut by the cheese flavor. CBD: you are not Chris Madrid’s.

Cheesesteak House – Cheeseburger

We got this burger on a whim, as you can see it’s bland and boring, however this place has one of the best cheesesteaks we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in our face holes. Granted, we don’t live in Philly but damn, this must be the next best thing.

Chelsea Corner – Chelsea Backyard Burger

A quick glance at the veg tells the tale here, but what can you expect from Uptown’s notoriously bad burgers — as the restaurants that come and go here favor booze over food. Anyway, patty was well done and the bun was chalky, but you know we ate all of it anyway. Bc burgers.