Small Brewpub – American Burger

Dat in-house bun doe. Patties cooked to perfection, fresh veg, melty american cheese, and in-house aioli make this one a winner. A true classic that hits all the nostalgic fast food taste buds. Also the beef belly on rolls were amazing as well.

Masticated in: May 2017


Grub Burger Bar – Cadillac Wagyu

Grub aint kidding, their wagyu has a noticeable flavor difference. Delicious. The roasted garlic aoli coupled with swiss lent some tasty bites as well. Much better than when we went to Grub back in 2013 fam.

Masticated in: September 2019

Elm Street Cask & Kitchen – Elm Street Burger

Formerly Grayson Social, rebranded to Cask & Kitchen, the beef is very similar, still tasty. Smoked cheddar and coffee bacon? Yes please. The bun is locally sourced, but the chef wouldn’t tell us where from :/

Masticated in: August 2019