Honorable Mention

The list continues. These burgers are fantastic and we'd love to return for another burgering sesh, but unfortunately we couldn't squeeze them into the top ten, because you know, there are only ten slots, and there are so many burgers in the Dallas burger-sphere. We want them all to be in the top ten, but god damnit we have to show some restraint.

Grub Burger Bar – Cadillac Wagyu

Grub aint kidding, their wagyu has a noticeable flavor difference. Delicious. The roasted garlic aoli coupled with swiss lent some tasty bites as well. Much better than when we went to Grub back in 2013 fam.

Masticated in: September 2019

Elm Street Cask & Kitchen – Elm Street Burger

Formerly Grayson Social, rebranded to Cask & Kitchen, the beef is very similar, still tasty. Smoked cheddar and coffee bacon? Yes please. The bun is locally sourced, but the chef wouldn’t tell us where from :/

Masticated in: August 2019

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Pick Your Burger

The poppy seed bun is paramount to the flavor here. Excellent flat top diner burger that hits all the areas of interest in your face hole.

Masticated in: August 2019

Harvest – House Hamburger

Harvest likes to do everything in house. The whole wheat bun was an interesting addition, and not too cake-like which is nice. The ground brisket, chuck, and short rib really shine.

Masticated in: August 2019

Munchiez – Munchiez Burger

Tasty. Munchiez touts their kimchi aoli but we couldn’t pick it out of the flavors. Would Munchie again.

Masticated in: August 2019

Lazy Dog – All-American

This is a super fun place to take your furry friend, there’s even a dog menu! Decent burger here, would lazy dog again.

Masticated in: July 2019

Son of a Butcher – The Classic / Burnt Ends

Probs the best sliders we’ve had in Dallas. Crispy edges, great flavor, fun combinations.

Masticated in: July 2019

Commissary – Cheeseburger

Holy shit, eat the beef @ Commissary. It features dry aged chuck, jalapeno relish, and smoked mayo which all contribute to the unique flavor of this burger.

Masticated in: June 2019

BurgerFi – Bacon Cheeseburger

This branded out of the box burger is pretty good. We enjoyed it. It’s akin to all the other yuppie burgers out there.

Masticated in: June 2019

Maple Landing – 737 Burger

A child of State + Allen, Maple Landing opened up next to its sibling, Social Pies. The service is very friendly here and the burger is the best you’ll find on Maple Ave. It’s named after the now infamous Boeing airplane because ML is near Love Field.

Masticated in: May 2019